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There are ton of things to do to market your business. So much so that sometimes it feels overwhelming and, frankly, un-motivating to even start. Maybe try a Facebook post here and a paid advertisement in a newsletter there just so you can check “Did I market my business today?” off the list.

But that’s not how reality works. Marketing requires strategy and consistency: doing something with purpose and doing it for an extended period of time.  And it’s easier than you think to start. Once you get the hang of it, bigger marketing strategies will seem completely doable. Start here:

  1. Use Facebook but Use Videos and Go Live: The social media platform is transitioning into a mostly video-centric landscape (think about it the next you scroll through your feed). Not only are videos of cute animals and cooking demonstrations gathering , but the “Go Live” feature is also drawing in a wider audience. When a business page (or personal page) goes live, it sends an automatic update to its followers (who have that notification turned on) and people are naturally drawn into the “fear of missing out” phenomenon this feature entails. Even if you don’t really know (or like) the person/business, you want to know what they’re posting and you want to be a part of the conversation.
  2. Create an Email Calendar (and Stick to It): Consistent messaging to your customers is important. Every quarter, take stock at what you want your goals to be. More sales? More community awareness? More volunteers? Determine a singular, large goal – and then back out of it. Schedule every email that quarter with that goal in mind. Determine what days and weeks you will send your branded email and don’t deviate. Your customers will become used to – and then expect – to see your brand in their inbox.
  3. Blog, Even Though It Sounds So 2005: Blogging gets a bad wrap. But it’s not just for moms, fashionistas or cooks. It’s a legitimate and important way to grow your online brand. Businesses should use blogs to do 2 things: 1) Show some personality (and expertise) behind your brand and 2) Create searchable content on your website. Search engines crawl websites to determine if the content matches what users are searching. Each blog creates a new page on your site – and that new page should be filled with content and vocabulary that is extending and enhancing your brand.
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